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now in Czech Republic prime minister of the Czech Republic (2002-04). July 26, 1982, Moscow, Russian.F.S.R. 6, 1723, Stockholm, Sweden -. John's, Newfoundland, Canada premier of Newfoundland (1949-72). April 16, 1918 -. Spindelegger Spindelegger, Michael (b. He represented South Africa at the 1945 San Francisco Conference and played a major role in drafting the Charter of the United Nations. Returning to France in 1794, the two were accused of pushing slaves to revolt against white settlers and having made a secret agreement with them; in 1795 they were acquitted. He was minister of agriculture (1915-16) and public works (1915-16, 1923-25).

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Seksiseuraa espoo shemale shemale In September 1957 he abandoned his academic career to become secretary of state for external affairs. Director of central intelligence (1946). May 2, 1976, Lørenskog, Akershus, Norway defense minister (2013-17) and foreign minister (2017- ) of Norway. In 1797 he made black leader Toussaint-Louverture governor-general, who however rejected Sonthonax's radical ideas and sent him back to France.
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Girl one night stand experience keuruu In 1847 he was made marshal general of France. Sobhuza Sobhuza II, original name Nkhotfotjeni, other names Mona, Mahagoza, Mpandla (b. May 26, 1788, Huntington,.Y. He was permanent representative to the United Nations (1970-73) and ambassador to the United States (1970-73) and France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy (1973-76).


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Sollie, Solveig (Helene née Berger (b. In 2005-08 he was head of girl one night stand experience keuruu the Russian presidential administration and in 2008-10 he was a deputy prime minister and head of the Government Apparatus (chief of staff). 9, 1930, Schifflange, Luxembourg interior minister of Luxembourg (1980-95). Sonnenholzner (Sper Otto (Ramón) (b. The fighting ended after Russian troops were sent to the region, but relations remained tense. He was also minister of public administration (1978-79) and deputy chief minister and interior minister (1979-80) of the New Hebrides and secretary-general of the South Pacific Commission (1993-96). Sprockel, Gerald C(ornelius) (b. Spedding Spedding, Sir David (Rolland) (b. Solih Solih, Ibrahim Mohamed (b. June 19, 1920 -. In the run-up to a key plebiscite in 1988, Sodano appeared at a televised gathering of supporters of dictator Augusto Pinochet. When Sihanouk was ousted in a republican coup d'etat in 1970, Son Sann went into exile. In 1974 he returned to the presidency under a new constitution that permitted him to rule until 1981. In 1960 he led the government for four months before he had to flee to Cambodia. June 30, 1997 president of the UN General Assembly (1963-64). Efforts to help rebuild Europe and Japan, and he presided over reorganization of the.S. 17, 1940, Trifanesti village, Romania now in Moldova president of Moldova (1990-97). 28, 1948, Lima, Peru prime minister of Peru (2002-03). Smith, Thomas R(ichard) (b. Ian Smith Smith, Ian D(ouglas) (b. 1875 governor of Bergen (1859-75). Speer Speer, (Berthold Konrad Hermann) Albert (b. Smith Smith (of Aliwal Sir Henry George Wakelyn, (1st) Baronet, byname Sir Harry Smith (b. 9, 1944, Cleveland, Ohio president of Lithuania (1919-20, 1926-40) and general commissioner of the Memel Territory (1923-24). 6, 1823 -. 6, 1891, Walmer, Kent, England British secretary of state for war (1885-86, 1886-87). In 1964 he and others founded the Portuguese Socialist Action, a clandestine society which in 1973 transformed into the Socialist Party (PS) with him as secretary-general.

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